Thank You!

A big thank you to our donors

The Chicken Wranglers want to thank our 395 donors for trusting us with their money for the last six months. We put up a GoFundMe early in August seeking contributions to float the chicken in front of the Golden Gate Bridge during the Nazi rally that had been planned for Crissy Field. Our promise to you was that, with your support, every goose-stepping photo of these clowns would feature a 33-foot Trump Chicken looking on from underneath the bridge.

People embraced this idea immediately and we raised over $10,000 in only 36 hours. Despite out best efforts, we couldn’t rent a boat, and then the rally was canceled. We were thwarted in our efforts to launch the Chicken of the Sea, and we were very disappointed that we disappointed you.

We were certain that there would be another opportunity within the year to troll Trump with the chicken, so we asked you to trust us. If you wanted your money back, we understood and would return it promptly. If you left this money in our hands, you’d give us the element of surprise for the next one. A handful of people asked for a refund; most donors chose the latter option.

With some of these funds, we were able to acquire an energy efficient blower to replace the voltage-guzzling model that came with the Trump Chicken from China. Renting the boats, having the prisoner shirt made, and the other expenses related to this President’s Day weekend celebration have taken a big bite out of our funds, but we’ve still got a lot of cash on hand.

Thank you again from all of the Chicken Wranglers for your generosity and most of all your trust.

Trump Chicken: Expect us.

Many thanks to all our Chicken Collaborators

The Chicken Wranglers thank the following experts, helpers, and generally awesome folks without whom this event could not be a success — or possibly even survivable. Our thanks go to:

  • Vicky Nebeker, who created the humongous prison shirt
  • Tom Martinelli, who helped fit and finish the shirt
  • Captain John Barnett of The Amigo, one of the few boat captains brave enough to take on this task
  • Steve Maller of Mallermedia, our go-to photographer and drone videographer
  •, an invaluable group that matches volunteer photographers with worthy causes — some of whom did great work at our 2017 Tax March
  • Charlie Moehle, Mickey Souza, Jack Owicki, and John Ubante from Pro Bono Photo
  • Lyzz Schwegler and Danielle Ryan, whose sailing expertise may keep us all alive

If anyone was left off this list, it is entirely the fault of the web designer.